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Medical Center Juaneda Red Asistencial


+34 900 22 10 22

The General Services of the Juaneda Assistance Network are centralized in a modern building located in Palma, which has excellent communication with its main centers such as the Juaneda Palma Clinic and the Miramar Polyclinic. In addition to its proximity to Juaneda Salvà - headquarters of the official Ophthalmology Service of the Group and where the Rehabilitation Service is also located - and with Juaneda Dental, the Group's Dental Service. It consists of modern facilities adapted to the highest technological level in an innovative architectural structure and designed to offer the best level of comfort to its users. The offices and central services of Juaneda are located in its facilities. Among which is the Department of People, the 24-hour Service of telephone call Leading Care, as well as the Departments Commercial, Purchasing, Accounting, Billing, Marketing and Communication and Systems. The building also houses the offices of the General Management of the company and is the headquarters of the group. Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 16: 00h


Carrer de Lluís Pascual González
Palma, 07013